POPJET C-Z 1600/1800/2000 Four heads

Introduction :

POPJET C-Z 1600/1800/2000 Four Heads

Technical Data

Plotting technology Inkjet plotting
Control System Closed loop servo control system both length and width direction
DPI 300dpi/600dpi
Maximum plotting width 160CM 180CM/200CM
Plotting speed <150m2/hr
Operation and display Three key operation panel, self-check, LED status display
Type of ink HP51645A or HP51645B
Drive software SINAJET Control Center
Paper type 40-250gram/square meter general plotting paper
Medium dealing system Hemicycle protecting paper device, take-up and feed bars made of high-tech compound material. Leading technology, two types of paper feeding system.
Plotting port USB/LAN port
Software platform Windows 98,2000,NTXP: Windows 7; Windows 8
Power 86-264V adapted
Noise Plotting status s68dB, Standby Status <40dB (ISO7779)
Plotter dimension 2500X500X1010mm/2700X500X1010mm/2900X500X1010mm
Package dimension 2610X570X1180mm/2810X570X1180mm/3010X570X1180mm
Environment Temperature: 5C-35C: Humidity: RH20-80% on condensation
Gross weight 134KGS/144KGS/154KGS
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