fiber laser metal cutting machine

Introduction :

Established in 2010, SKY TECH SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. is a Hi-Tech enterprise which Manufacturers laser machines and focuses on Research & Development plus selling of industrial laser products. Located in Jinan Hi-tech Zone, SKY Laser has developed steadily and benefits by the diverse laser and Hi-tech resource in China.

SKY TECH has established modern factories which covers over 55,000sqm, and established service agent in India,South Africa and Russia.SKY TECH products have been exported to more than 90 different countries and regions.


SKY TECH laser has been verified as China High Tech Enterprise and with ISO certificate, and been identified as Golden supplier and Audited supplier by different certification authorities. SKY TECH laser products have obtained CE, FDA, SGS certificates and etc.. Machines are highly approved and recommended by different customers all over the world.

What Is Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine And How Does It Work ?

Fiber lasers use pump light from what is called laser diodes. These diodes emit light that is sent into the fiber-optic cable. Optical components located in the cable are then used to generate a specific wavelength and amplify it. Finally, the resulting laser beam is shaped and released.

Key Features

  • Combined with CAD technology.
  • Small deformation and narrow slit.
  • It can cut sheet of any shape and size.
  • Especially suitable for cutting complex parts.


  • High precision and fast speed, mainly for fast and precise cutting of metal plates below 4 mm
  • High precision, fast speed, narrow cutting seam, minimum heat-affected zone, smooth cutting surface without burrs.
  • The stainless steel laser cutting machine price head does not touch the surface of the material and will not scratch the workpiece;

Configuration of the machine

Model ST-1530A
Lathe Bed Heavy duty welding lathe bed
Gantry Reinforced honeycomb aviation Aluminum
Fiber Laser source 2000W IPG
Laser Head Swiss Auto Focus Raytools laser head
Guide rail Taiwan HIWIN
Rack & pinion Taiwan YYC
Speed Reducer France Motoreducer
Servo motor France Motoreducer
Servo motor Japan Fuji
Water chiller China HUAKU
Control System Shanghai Cypcut(FSCUT 2000)
Height adjust device Shanghai Cypcut(BCS 100)
Proportional valve Japan SMC
Auxiliary Parts Exhaust Fan
Computer Yes
Exchange Table Yes
Auto Lubrication Yes
Remote Control Yes
Dust Cover Yes
Laser source – Raycus

1. Direct control of all the fiber laser functions; Synchronized control of the laser source;

2. High speed perforation

2. High speed perforation

4. More than 100,000 hours work-life of pumped diode,almost free maintenance.

Servo Motors and drivers --Fuji

The Fuji servo motors enjoy fast dynamic response and performances stably. It has high inertia and large torque, output with strong power.

Laser Cutting Head -- Raytools(auto focus)

1. Collimating lens and focal lens adopt compound lens, to obtain the optimal optical quality and the cutting effect.

2. Completely sealed internal structure of laser head can avoid optical part polluted by dust.

Planetary Gearbox --SHIMPO

1. Excellent Performances, high torsional stiffness,low noise, low backlash.

2. Satellite gears are double-supported on hardened and ground shafts with full-complement needle bearings increasing torsional stiffness.

Guide Rail – HIWIN

1. Wear resisting

2. Higher speed and Stable performance

3. Noise volume is lower

4. High accuracy and long service life

Rack & Pinion System -- YYC

Ensure the transmission high precision, high speed and high stable.

Water Cooling System

1. Dual cooling function: laser source cooling; laser head cooling;

2. Multiple protection functions, passive alarm terminals and remote control terminals, easy to achieve centralized CNC control and monitoring

Automatic lubrication:

The lubrication time period can be set in the software, to ensure the accuracy of transmission system, operator just need to set up the time break in the software and keep the oil container full.

Smoke Exhausting System

Remove the smoke and dust caused from metal processing.

Electric Components - France Schineider

Circuit protection against short-circuit currents, overload currents, breaking and industrial disconnection as per standards IEC/EN 60947-2.

Proportional Valve - Japan SMC

1. Stepless control of air pressure proportional to an electrical signal.

2. Serial communications specifications.

3. Compact/lightweight (Integrated communication parts).

Solenoid Valve -- Taiwan AIRTAC

Ultra High Pressure Solenoid Valve support up to 3Mpa, fast on off response speed.

High Performance welding Lathe Bed

Adopting integrated design idea with heavy carbon mechanism bed, stress removal annealing treatment, gantry milling machining center finishing, with high stability, high cutting accuracy, long time running without deformation.

Two way interconnected, bigger clamping range Fast adjusting the claws, more accurate positioning Easy clamping different pipes.

No manual operation casily autofocusing Larger range: can be used for all kinds of large power Higer accuracy, module design, high precision, easy Longer lifetime auto adjusting the focus, can be used.

The back claw is designed longer, which can be moved into the front claws. It reduces the waste and increases the use ratio Fast adjusting the claws, more accurate positioning. Can be used for different shapes of pipes, better performance.

Spare Parts

Name Quality
Nozzle 12
Protective Lens 8
Laser Protective Lens 1
Tool Box 1
Remote Control 1
Chiller 1
Dust Exhaust Fan 1

Machine Parameter

X-axis Running Area 1500mm
Y-axis Running Area 3000mm
Z-axis Running Area 300mm
Working Area 1500*3000mm
Cutting Capacity 18mm MS & 8mm SS
Position Precision ±0.03mm
Repeated Position Precision ±0.02mm
Laser Wavelength 1080±5nm
Max Loading Capacity 900KGS
Min Line Width 0.1mm
Machine Gross Weight 6800KGS
Voltage Three-phase 380V 50/60Hz

Available Functions


1. Support AI/PLT/Gerber formats, accept Mater Cam, Type3 output international standard G code.

2. Lead-in/out, cutting compensation, micro-joint, bridging, back entry, gap cutting etc.

3. Multiple piercing methods available, separated laser power/frequency/ gas type/ gas pressure/ height track can be set during cutting and piercing.

4. WIFI remote control pane

Leapfrog function: highly improve the cutting efficiency.

Photoelectric edge search : fast location and improve processing efficiency

Power control: allowing corners to be cut with a sharp angle.

Flying cut: especially for thin metal sheet, fast cut of matrix patterns.

Sprint laser piercing: This helps to keep the optics clean and improves the cutting process by pushing vaporised and liquified material out through the kerf, especially for the thick sheet metal.

Technical Support and After-salesservice


The following documentation is supplied with the machine:

  • Copies of the Machine Instruction Manual
  • CE conformity declaration.
  • Delivery Protocol.
  • Software manual.

USB driver for backup. WIFI instant detecting and fast problem confirming.


Based on the contract, we delivery laser machine to customers place safely within the specified time, and send engineer to install at user place. Under the basic conditions of installation machine, engineer will complete the installation and commissioning machine within 1-2 days for the user, and ensure neat, clean and orderly. We provide technical training. After the installation and commissioning completed, engineer will service buyer operator at least 5 days at buyer place or at seller factory until the operator can operate machine. The training as follows:

  • Delivery & Installation with an 45 day.
  • raining operating instruction of turning on and off machine;
  • Meaning of panel and control parameters,
  • Training parameter selection range;
  • Training control software operation ;
  • Basic maintenance and cleaning of the machine;
  • Dealing with common hardware problem;
  • Noted question in operating ;
  • In addition to, we also provide users technical support related their producing products.

After-WARRANTY sale services cost

A. We can arrange our engineers to visit your factory, and install, test, operate machine and offer training. Visa cost, flight ticket cost and accommodation will be afforded by your esteemed company. The Visit Charge fee is INR 5000/ day/ person.

B. Your esteemed company could arrange the engineer to come to our factory for training. We will suggest hotels and restaurant accordingly. Training time should be no more than 7 days. No extra training fee needed to pay.

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