CNC Router Machine

Introduction :

  • Excellent speed, efficiency, high precision CNC Engraver Router Machine Built in X, Y Axis drive System rack & pinion with 20mm square linear guides achieving high positioning motion accuracy & longer life.
  • Working table aluminum T- slot and PVC sheet for protection of worktable which ensures longer life.
  • Optional 2.2 KW spindles of various power.
  • Handheld DSP controller to set job parameter and download from computer via USB cable & USB key also.
  • Water cooled/Air Cooled spindle for longer life and better performance.
  • Machine Structure is strong, smooth and silent running

What Is CNC Router Machine And How Does It Work ?

A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router works by moving a tool to specific x, y, and z coordinates throughout the machine's available working area. A router or high-speed spindle with a cutting tool then removes material at the desired locations.

Key Features

  • Substantial Work Area.
  • Excellent Control Software.
  • A Dedicated Spindle Rather than a Detached Manual Router.
  • Ball Screw Drive System.
  • Servo Motor System.

Benefits of CNC Routers

  • Multi-Purpose
  • A major benefit of the router is being able to cut and engrave without the need for an alternate tool. The repeatability of shaping material enables you to cut materials precisely and as many times times as needed. Thus, frequency of error and wastage are reduced.
  • Efficieny
  • These machines can be used with just one operator which cuts labour costs. Furthermore, the general operating speed is up to 25,000 RPM, and the toolhead can move quickly along the X and Y axis. This means materials are processed at an exceptionally high rate. These factors make the machine extremely cost-effective after the initial investment. The cutting tool is usually made of Carbon Steel, High-Speed Steel (HSS) or Solid Carbide. This ensures that very dense materials can be machined. Adjustable tool-height allows thick materials to be cut without requiring higher power, unlike a laser cutting machine which is limited by the useful length of the focused laser prior to it diverging and weakening.
  • Easy to Use
  • CNC routers generally receive their toolpath instructions from a piece of intermediate software like Vectric Cut2Dpro. Yet, programmers can continue to use their drawing package of choice. Programming and operating the machine is relatively simple providing training has been undertaken.
  • Safe to Use
  • Although CNC Routers create significantly fewer fumes than many other means of shaping, such as laser engraving, they can create large amounts of chippings and dust during the cutting process. However, CNC machines are usually fitted with a dust extraction system comprising of an extractor fan and filter. This minimises the amount of dust leaving the bed to the surrounding environment.


  • Standard table size : 1300x2500mm.
  • Vacuum table or Aluminum T- Slot Extrusion table.
  • Automatic lubricating System.
  • Automatic lubricating System.
  • Machine Moving Feet.
  • Manual tool changer spindle.

Applicable Industry

Architectural mill work, Aluminum Fixtures, Furniture, Plastic sheet machining, Residential & Commercial Constructions, Aluminum Composites, Sign & Graphic, Wood Working, Plastic Fabrications, POP, Metal Fabrication, Solid Surface, 3D Panel mold marking, 3D Plastic Trimming, MDF Cutting, Acrylic, Panel Builder, Die maker, Duct maker etc.

Technical Specification

Model ST - 1325 ST - 1212 ST - 1390 ST- 6090 ST - 6040
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